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My Story



Nadhira Alharthy:

Mountaineer and Education Expert. The First Omani Female Climber Confirmed to have reached Summit Everest.

My early studies and education degree in geography marked my first bond with students, rocks, heights, and mountains.

It did not stop there. I am proud to be the first Omani female climber confirmed to have reached the Summit of Everest. Setting a role model example to Omani women and youth, It's an honor that my achievement was not only a personal one but also a national one. The Public celebration of my dream felt like a collective moment of recognition for all athletes in my country.

I grew up in a large family consisting of 15 brothers and sisters, 32 nieces, 28 nephews, and counting. It was a traditional upbringing, so there weren't many women who did what I'm doing now, and I never realized that it was a passion of mine until later in life. I'm still that small village girl who found the adventurous woman within. 


Before the 2015 glory, I attempted Mount Kilimanjaro, leading an expedition of Omani students enrolled in the GLOBE Program (Global Learning and Observations to Benefit the Environment.) 
My preparational mountaineering activities included constant training on several mountains across Oman and the Gulf region. 

I previously worked as a geography teacher,  a geography curriculum developer, a Deputy Manager, and then Manager of the Citizenship Department.  
I currently work as the General Director Deputy at Oman Scouts and Guides Organization under the Ministry of Education as a full-time job. I am also the country coordinator of the GLOBE  Program in Oman.


I obtained My master's degree in Geographic Studies from Sultan Qaboos University in 2011 and my bachelor's degree in Social Studies from the College of Education in Rustaq in 1999.
Since then, I have participated in workshops and conferences on Environment, Geography, citizenship, and Education. 


I am passionate about climbing and adding value to the youth and mother earth. I spend my free time with my family or in the mountains.

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