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Ama Dablam

Mount Ama Dablam

When we allow ourselves to live various experiences in life, we find that we learn more about ourselves every day. Even the pursuit itself teaches you a lot. To reach my goal of climbing Everest, I first had to experience climbing a Himalayan mountain. After some research, Amadablam caught my eye and intrigued me with its difficulty and danger. I chose it as a stepping stone towards my bigger goal despite the challenge and humble abilities. I thought it would get me used to the environment and strengthen my will and knowledge, but I failed to reach the top by 300 meters due to the altitude sickness I felt there. Being so close and still not being able to reach the top was a huge lesson. 
I now understand the phrase, "Others will learn from your success. Only you learn from your failures". 
In 2020, after a challenging year for everyone, I decided not to give up on my fitness. Whether it was simple home workouts or climbing my house's roof using a rope, I wanted to continue my journey so that I wouldn't be behind whenever life got back to normal. So when the opportunity presented itself to climb Amadablam again, I couldn't pass it up — I was ready for it. I knew spending the winter in a Himalayan mountain would be difficult. Still, after 30 days of intense and strong winds and weather, on January 14, 2021, I became the first Arab woman to climb and reach the top of Amadablam mountain. 

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