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Oman, My Home Country

My country: the Sultanate of Oman, is characterized by a unique geographical location and stunning natural landscapes that range from rocky mountains with huge valleys and caves, a vast desert, dunes, and a 3,000km beach. 

What's amazing is that I did my training to climb Amadablam and Everest in Oman, which has an entirely different ecosystem and environment than the Himalayas. Living in Oman, I've only experienced hot weather and humidity, so I did not know what being in the snow was like until I went to Amadablam in 2018, a year before Everest. I didn't have the opportunity or money before that to travel and experience different mountains, so I didn't have a choice other than to train in my home country during my training stages, making it that much harder to adapt to the real deal.
I learned a lot about my own country by climbing its mountains. I've seen a lot of its beauty and got to know a different side of it through its abandoned villages where our ancestors lived. My love for it grew with each valley trip and cave exploration as I discovered its hidden beauty.
The activities that prepared me the most to climb the Himalayas in Oman were canyoning, caving, hiking, and trail runs. 

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